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I met Pippa by chance and she said she was a life coach. At the time my life felt fairly unbearable but I didn’t know what to do about it. I was sceptical about using a coach but decided to give it a go and can honestly say it has transformed my life. Pippa helped me to identify the changes that would be most beneficial and then supported and encouraged me while I implemented them. It has been a snowball of positives and has effected so many areas of my life in a positive way. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mr C

I am a single parent to two teenage children and run my own business. After losing both of my parents to the lengthy battles of cancer, during which I cared for them both, I suddenly felt like an orphan and at a total loss as to how to carry on and get back on track. I was on the merry go round of existing and getting by because I had to for my children and the business.

Pippa was recommended to me and I found the life coaching enlightening and helped me bring my life back into focus, sometimes I think we become so entrenched in the daily grind and trying to survive we totally lose focus and forget about ourselves and in the process of looking after everyone else for such a long time I had forgotten about me. Pippa helped me to regain my perspective back on life and to try and find some me time!

It made me reflect on my hopes and dreams, my abilities and attributes, my talents and what I have and can achieve. Realising and recognising those past achievements pushes you forward to the next chapter. It is still a lonely place without my parents but I know they would be so proud!


I decided to engage Pippa 6 months ago as I felt really low and overwhelmed with obligations and pressures that were really dragging me down. I didn’t realise at the time that I had got into such a negative place but my journey has been life-changing, I now feel good about myself and that has had a great effect on my relationships and my career. I feel motivated and confident to do things that I enjoy and give me real pleasure.

Mrs G,

Through life’s various ups and downs, I was suffering a general lack of purpose,direction and self-worth.

Working with Pippa, whose patience, support, non-judgemental and sometimes challenging sessions, helped regain my confidence.

I have re-connected with my own values, skills and strengths and now focus on what is important to me.


I had suffered from stressful situations over a long period of time and knew I had to sort my life out.

Pippa listened and helped me greatly by pointing me in the right direction. Since our meetings, I have sold my business which has made my life less stressful and now have time for the more creative things in life.

Without Pippa’s help I would still be battling on.