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Does the health of your gut affect your mental health?

Today, whilst tackling an overflowing basket of ironing, I decided to watch Charlotte Church: Inside My Brain on iPlayer. Mental health is one of my passions and a subject I [...]

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How can parents help to build their child’s self-esteem?

In many areas, young people’s lives are improving, yet there is evidence of a growing mental health crisis amongst teens. Rates of anxiety and depression have increased by 70% [...]

What are the most important elements you want to have in your life?

Most people can answer this question quite easily: love, fulfilment, satisfaction, contentment, friendship, purpose, peace, excitement, fun, security, financial security. Some of these may be on your list or [...]

Reduced Stress, Healthier Brain… and a New Hat?

I recently saw a book entitled ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’. It caught my eye as I dashed through a book shop, carrying over filled bags of Christmas shopping (economising on [...]

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Are you looking for greater fulfilment in 2018?

So here we are at the beginning of another new year. Whether you are wondering where the last one went, reflecting that 2017 was a good one or reflecting [...]

21st Century Parenting: Is it too protective?

21st Century Parenting. Is it a factor in the mental health crisis among young people? Parenting today is pretty demanding. Well, life generally is pretty demanding. There seems to [...]

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The Minefield of Parenting Today

Parenting today seems, for many, to be loaded with pressure. As does ‘growing up’. Time is pressured, there is pressure to be a ‘successful’ parent, a pressure to ensure [...]

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Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. Why?

  Whilst doing some of the research for a course I am running, I came across an article in the Independent stating the following statistic “rates of depression and [...]