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Are you looking for greater fulfilment in 2018?

So here we are at the beginning of another new year. Whether you are wondering where the last one went, reflecting that 2017 was a good one or reflecting that 2017 had some tough challenges, a new year is traditionally a time to create new resolutions and decide to change things for the better. [...]

The Minefield of Parenting Today

Parenting today seems, for many, to be loaded with pressure. As does ‘growing up’. Time is pressured, there is pressure to be a ‘successful’ parent, a pressure to ensure our children ‘succeed’,  a pressure to help out financially,  a pressure to accept very different values to our own about things such as alcohol, spending, drugs, [...]

Do you think it’s bad that I did that? Self-esteem improvement.

The answer is ‘do you think it’s bad that you did that?’ We are usually our own harshest critics and judge, especially if we are sensitive people. As human beings with emotions and sensitivities we get drawn in to the moment with our own needs and agendas. We end up reacting to  other people and sometimes act spontaneously in [...]

World Mental Health Day 2017: Mental Health in the Workplace

Today, 10th October, is World Mental Health Day, a day which provides an opportunity for raising awareness of mental health and to progress ways to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide. This year’s theme is ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’. I recently trained to be a Mental Health First Aider for [...]

Macmillan’s ‘Go Sober for October’: Support and Encouragement

Some of us may have decided that an alcohol-free month of October is a challenge or experience we want to try... and for some, the link with making some funds for Macmillan will add incentive.  I confess that it's not for me now as I don’t drink much and already have a dwindling tolerance [...]

Flawed or Healthy Attraction?

Who do you attract into your life? Are you attracting people into your life who enhance it or drain you? I am guessing that if it is the latter, then by nature, you are a caring and giving person? A giving person gets some level of ‘inner glow’ from the giving of themselves to other [...]

Select what you sow, reap a better harvest

Many people find that they get a great feeling when they connect with nature ...maybe a long country walk ....spending time in the garden or park .......walking (or lazing) on a beach listening to the sound of the ocean   ......we may feel grounded, more fulfilled, exhilarated even For much of our farming community September [...]

Coping with a Bad Day: What’s Your Strategy?

Having a bad day? How do YOU cope with a bad day? We all have them! Sometimes they come one at a time and sometimes, like buses, they come one after another. And, of course there is a scale of severity of the distress we feel on bad days. Some bad days can be shrugged [...]

Self worth and the different needs of the sexes

Although this is a shifting attitude, women are most frequently brought up to invest in love and relationships and men are brought up to invest in achievement. It therefore follows that  a women assesses her value on how love and the relationships in her life, are going -and a man assesses his self worth on [...]

Do you want your children to make good decisions?

Most parents would agree that parenting entails a good amount of worry -which is possibly a slight understatement! As parents our main job is to keep our children safe -which has it’s challenging moments when the child is young and being supervised by us or a school teacher or grandparent or childminder or similar ….but [...]