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Are you one of many people who are facing redundancy?

Are you struggling with news of redundancy?

Are you experiencing more vivid or disturbing dreams than usual?

The changes to lifestyle brought about Covid-19 seem to have many people on a bit of a rollercoaster of thoughts. As human beings we all need some certainty to feel a [...]

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Some suggestions for coping with the social isolation and Covid-19

Some suggestions for coping with the social isolation and Covid-19   These really are very challenging times for many people …around us and globally. There are justifiable and real concerns [...]

How do we handle the situation happening in our country, caused by Covid-19?

What seems to be happening is that many people are feeling an increasing level of anxiety. So, what can we do to cope with feelings of anxiety and, for some, [...]

Better ways to handle conflicts and issues within a relationship

All relationships have conflict or differences of opinion at some time …it is healthy to do so and to maintain some of our individuality. However, the way we react and [...]

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Do you feel emotions strongly? Do you often feel misunderstood?

Do you seem to be aware of subtleties around you? Maybe you are the 15- 20% of people who are highly sensitive people… Wikipedia states “People with an increased [...]

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Do you want more confidence, self worth and resilience?

Are you your No 1 fan? Or do other people’s opinion of you count more to you? The second option can potentially be a route to diminished self-worth. Why is [...]

Are Your Relationships Thriving?

I recently came across a post I really liked…. Which got me thinking…. I love using analogies to explain things and in writing this piece decided to look up the [...]