Select what you sow, reap a better harvest

Many people find that they get a great feeling when they connect with nature ...maybe a long country walk ....spending time in the garden or park .......walking (or lazing) on a beach listening to the sound of the ocean   ......we may feel grounded, more fulfilled, exhilarated even For much of our farming community September [...]

Optimism: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Would you like to feel better and enjoy your life more? There is a good amount of evidence that shows that optimistic people maintain better health and enjoy life more than pessimistic people. So, if you are a pessimistic person how do you become an optimist? Can we learn to be optimistic? I believe so. [...]

Do you doubt your own abilities?

Do you limit your own progress? Do you doubt your own abilities? Have you put off going for a promotion or applying for a job because you tell yourself you’re not good enough? These thoughts are known as ‘Limiting Beliefs’. ‘Limiting beliefs’ is a phrase that pops up in a variety of self help and [...]

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Decisions, decisions

Some decisions can be hard to make. Usually the ones when it is difficult to predict the outcome of the decision or when the decision may mean giving up something we are not sure we want to give up. It may be a job move, a house move, a relationship issue, a parenting issue, a [...]

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