Do you want more confidence, self worth and resilience?

Are you your No 1 fan? Or do other people’s opinion of you count more to you? The second option can potentially be a route to diminished self-worth. Why is this? Well, we all have values that are important to us and the combination of important values varies for each person …so someone else’s opinion [...]

Are Your Relationships Thriving?

I recently came across a post I really liked…. Which got me thinking…. I love using analogies to explain things and in writing this piece decided to look up the actual definition of an analogy to check I had it right and this is what came up on Google a comparison between one thing and [...]

Do your brain’s predictions help or hinder you?

I recently read a very interesting article by Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett, a psychologist and neuroscientist and author of How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life Of The Brain. After discussion of research around the subject of how emotions are made, she states that, as many may know, your brain’s primary function is to [...]

Glass half-full or glass half-empty? Optimism is an important skill!

  Some may say, whichever it is, it clearly needs topping up! Optimism and pessimism are states of mind. We have learned to be whichever we are by our own experiences, the influence of other people in our lives, and our beliefs. Despite this we can choose to change how we see things by [...]

Is a lack of meaningful interaction making you feel lonely?

In a recent few days away I was exchanging introductions and initial pleasantries with a charming retired gentleman who asked me what I do for a living - "I am a Life Coach," I told him.  "Oh," he said, looking slightly blank "what does that involve? There are quite a lot of new things [...]

Optimism: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Would you like to feel better and enjoy your life more? There is a good amount of evidence that shows that optimistic people maintain better health and enjoy life more than pessimistic people. So, if you are a pessimistic person how do you become an optimist? Can we learn to be optimistic? I believe so. [...]

Creatures of habit

  Most of us are creatures of habit but why, and how do we break bad habits? Humans survive off habitual behaviour to create order in their lives and habit exists across time and society. Some serve us well and some don’t. There are habits we have that are beneficial to our lives and ones [...]

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Be the Weight you want to be!

It is a common human trait to use a variety of ‘crutches’ to help us through the uncomfortable, challenging or painful times in our lives. The crutch may be one of many such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, cigarettes, over working, excessive exercising, gaming, music, opting out …or food. These crutches may be used for comfort or [...]

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