Does your life look like what you want it to?

It looks how you choose to see it. And what you see depends on what you choose to focus on. Have you ever played that game while on a car journey when you look out for a particular colour of car, say, yellow. You focus on seeking out the yellow car, seeing any that appear in [...]

Does the health of your gut affect your mental health?

Today, whilst tackling an overflowing basket of ironing, I decided to watch Charlotte Church: Inside My Brain on iPlayer. Mental health is one of my passions and a subject I am always keen to know more about. In the programme, there is an investigation in to how some antidepressants, known as SSRI’s -Selective Serotonin Re-uptake [...]

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What are the most important elements you want to have in your life?

Most people can answer this question quite easily: love, fulfilment, satisfaction, contentment, friendship, purpose, peace, excitement, fun, security, financial security. Some of these may be on your list or you may have others. There are lots of elements to choose from and it is highly individual. To spend a little time considering what you [...]

Reduced Stress, Healthier Brain… and a New Hat?

I recently saw a book entitled ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’. It caught my eye as I dashed through a book shop, carrying over filled bags of Christmas shopping (economising on bags now they are 5p each), frustrated that only half my list of errands were ticked off due to the extra time taken up by [...]

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21st Century Parenting: Is it too protective?

21st Century Parenting. Is it a factor in the mental health crisis among young people? Parenting today is pretty demanding. Well, life generally is pretty demanding. There seems to be a lot of rushing and pressure to be productive and to fill our time with stimulating, challenging and exciting things. Whatever happened to boredom [...]

Lost in Interpretation?

Will you interpret my words in the way I hope? And what do I mean? Do our emotions evolve from our thoughts which, in turn, are based on our interpretations? I recently watched a box set of The Affair  …..with my 23 year old son, which had a few moments bordering on uncomfortable but also [...]

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