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Does the health of your gut affect your mental health?

Today, whilst tackling an overflowing basket of ironing, I decided to watch Charlotte Church: Inside My Brain on iPlayer. Mental health is one of my passions and a subject I am always keen to know more about. In the programme, there is an investigation in to how some antidepressants, known as SSRI’s -Selective Serotonin Re-uptake [...]

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How can parents help to build their child’s self-esteem?

In many areas, young people’s lives are improving, yet there is evidence of a growing mental health crisis amongst teens. Rates of anxiety and depression have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. According to the Office of Official Statistics, the number of young suicides each year is greater than it has been [...]

What are the most important elements you want to have in your life?

Most people can answer this question quite easily: love, fulfilment, satisfaction, contentment, friendship, purpose, peace, excitement, fun, security, financial security. Some of these may be on your list or you may have others. There are lots of elements to choose from and it is highly individual. To spend a little time considering what you [...]

Do you think it’s bad that I did that? Self-esteem improvement.

The answer is ‘do you think it’s bad that you did that?’ We are usually our own harshest critics and judge, especially if we are sensitive people. As human beings with emotions and sensitivities we get drawn in to the moment with our own needs and agendas. We end up reacting to  other people and sometimes act spontaneously in [...]

Glass half-full or glass half-empty? Optimism is an important skill!

  Some may say, whichever it is, it clearly needs topping up! Optimism and pessimism are states of mind. We have learned to be whichever we are by our own experiences, the influence of other people in our lives, and our beliefs. Despite this we can choose to change how we see things by [...]

Optimism: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Would you like to feel better and enjoy your life more? There is a good amount of evidence that shows that optimistic people maintain better health and enjoy life more than pessimistic people. So, if you are a pessimistic person how do you become an optimist? Can we learn to be optimistic? I believe so. [...]

Do you doubt your own abilities?

Do you limit your own progress? Do you doubt your own abilities? Have you put off going for a promotion or applying for a job because you tell yourself you’re not good enough? These thoughts are known as ‘Limiting Beliefs’. ‘Limiting beliefs’ is a phrase that pops up in a variety of self help and [...]

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Self Esteem – What is it?

What is self esteem? How is it built, boosted or eroded? As we start in life we all have the same self esteem potential …but our journeys are different. Our self esteem starts to develop as soon as we become aware of ourselves as individuals –early on in our childhood. If our needs are not [...]

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