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How do we handle the situation happening in our country, caused by Covid-19?

What seems to be happening is that many people are feeling an increasing level of anxiety. So, what can we do to cope with feelings of anxiety and, for some, panic? One thing we can do is to take some control in a situation, in which, we feel many things are beyond our control. We [...]

Lost in Interpretation?

Will you interpret my words in the way I hope? And what do I mean? Do our emotions evolve from our thoughts which, in turn, are based on our interpretations? I recently watched a box set of The Affair  …..with my 23 year old son, which had a few moments bordering on uncomfortable but also [...]

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Creatures of habit

  Most of us are creatures of habit but why, and how do we break bad habits? Humans survive off habitual behaviour to create order in their lives and habit exists across time and society. Some serve us well and some don’t. There are habits we have that are beneficial to our lives and ones [...]

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Decisions, decisions

Some decisions can be hard to make. Usually the ones when it is difficult to predict the outcome of the decision or when the decision may mean giving up something we are not sure we want to give up. It may be a job move, a house move, a relationship issue, a parenting issue, a [...]

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How to cope with a panic attack

A panic attack can be a terrifying experience If you, or someone you are with, has one, how can you help yourself or them? A panic attack is a scary experience even when we have had one before and know that we came through it OK …….but the first experience of a panic attack is [...]

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What to Expect from Life Coaching?

Life Coaching offers a kind of support unlike any other you may have experienced. I will focus solely on your situation giving you full attention and commitment. I will ask you a series of questions to draw out how you see yourself and your world, helping you clarify your goals. Initially, I will listen and [...]

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